Meet Filmmakers System

Production-resource hub for production companies or film commissions.

Complete turnkey solution. We integrate into your current work-flows and adapt to your CI and specific needs.

Cloud-based platform that puts your region prominently on the map of international film productions.

Run by film commissions or production companies. Used by filmmakers.

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Modular functions & features in turnkey infrastructure

  • COMPATIBLE FUNCTIONS allow us to customize the system to your individual needs
  • MODULAR SETUP makes a multi entity (group of film commissions or production companies spanning across languages, continents and teams) system possible
  • MULTIPLE FEATURES make process support for tax rebate or contracting possible for film commissions & production companies
  • MULTIPLE PROPERTIES allow to build up a self-managed structured, accessible, pool of Crew, Cast, Location, Companies & Props
  • TURNKEY INFRASTRUCTURE grants fast set-up, adaptable design and constant continued development of functionality

Access from everywhere. Secure GDPR compliant data storage. Seamless integration into your processes and CI. The solution for international multi entity project work.

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You control, we assist

allowing producers to find locations, build their crew and find local partners all in one system, your system

  • You control:
  • YOUR locations
  • YOUR crew
  • YOUR cast
  • YOUR companies
  • YOUR data
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  • We assist:
  • OUR tech
  • OUR system
  • OUR service
  • OUR guidance
  • Our license

Four steps to deliver your Filmmakers System

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  • Create legal framework with hosting entity (i.e. film commission) and setup server & database structure.


  • Adapt to existing visual identity, brand, local specialties, languages and such of existing system / websites.


  • Launch web app, import existing data, invite existing users, train staff of film commission.


  • Self-management functionality to local industry experts. Advanced process support (i.e. tax rebate tool, contract management, etc.)


Filmmakers System is a cloud-based platform that puts your film region prominently on the map of international film productions by combining your locations, cast, crew, and companies in one central place.

It adapts to your needs, secures autonomy of your region, creates visibility, promotes inclusivity, and fosters international co-productions.


Filmmakers System is a production-management tool and a production-resource hub that coordinates workflows and joins all Crew, Cast, Location and Props in one cloud-based platform freeing time for creativity. The platform adapts to your production needs – also via management of location, crew and cast.

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